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The Arkansas Minority Health Commission is dedicated to ensuring that minority Arkansans have equal access to health, health care and preventive care and information. The AMHC’s role in public health is to be a catalyst in bridging the gap in the health status of the minority population and that of the majority population in Arkansas. To accomplish this goal, it will require many changes in our personal, community, state and federal approach (and responsibility) to reducing the well-documented disparities among minority citizens in our state.

Each year, the BRIDGE magazine highlights change-agents of health in Arkansas. Arkansas minorities rely of the annual BRIDGE magazine to help set and reveal the agenda for public health in Arkansas each year.

Bridge Magazine 2010

       Spring 2010

Bridge Magazine 2011

       Spring 2011

       Spring 2012

     Spring 2014

Bridge Magazine 2015

     Summer 2015

2016 Special Edition

Bridge 2018 Magazine

2018 Bridge Magazine

Bridge Magazine 2019

2019 Bridge Magazine


2020 Bridge Magazine

2021 Bridge Magazine

Breastfeeding Resource

Oral Health Fact Sheets






2021 Fiscal Year Report

2021 Workforce Diversity Report

Arkansas Racial and Ethnic Health Disparity Study 

AMHC Fact Sheets 

Blood Pressure Test: What the Numbers Mean Fact Sheet    Cholesterol Test: What Does it Mean Fact Sheet Choosing Fats and Oils Wisely Fact Sheets             

     Blood Pressure                         Cholesterol                                 Fats and Oils                 


What You Eat: How to Get and Stay Healthy Fact Sheet       Blood Glucose Test: What the Numbers Mean Fact Sheet       Heart Healthy Living Fact Sheet

    Healthy Eating                         Blood Glucose Test                  Heart Healthy Living     


I Have HIV Fact Sheet        10 Ways to Keep Blood Pressure at a Healthy Level Fact Sheet

I Have HIV - Now What?        Healthy Blood Pressure Level                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


marshallese acculturation booklet

2016 – English Version

marshallese acculturation booklet marshallese version

2016 – Marshallese Version



Education A good Dose of Penicillin 

Education: A Good Dose of Penicillin


Violence: Transcends Race, Culture & Economics 

Violence: Transcends

Race, Culture & Economics


Poverty: The Dark Shadow of Social, Economic, and Political Scarcity

Poverty: The Dark Shadow of

Social, Economic, and Political Scarcity


Tearing Down the Wall of Racial Inequality

Tearing Down the Wall of Racial Equality -

Brick by Brick: "Building Systems of Healing


Black Youth, Sport, & Health Disparities

Black Youth, Sport, & Health Disparities:

Determining Social Well-Being Through Education