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Vanessa Davis picture

The Vanessa E. Davis Change Agent For Minority Health Award is awarded by the Arkansas Minority Health Commission to an individual or group for their stellar work in supporting minority health initiatives within their communities.

The award was established in honor of the life, work and legacy of Commissioner Vanessa E. Davis. AMHC selects the recipient or group for their impactful work in supporting minority health                                                                         initiatives within their communities.

Vanessa Elizabeth Davis was a native of Texarkana, Ark., and during her life she worked as the director of minority affairs at the Arkansas Department of Human Services’ Division of Behavioral Health Services, served on the Governor’s Trauma Advisory Council, and served on the AMHC Board of Commissioners for more than a decade. Commissioner Davis believed in the work that AMHC did in the community and across the state of Arkansas and used her talents to be a voice for those in need. Commissioner Davis also worked to provide services to individuals with disabilities, wanted to increase awareness of mental health issues and improve access to counseling services for faith and community leaders.