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WASHINGTON, D.C., July 6, 2017 – American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown issued the following comments today on a new study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on “Tobacco Use in Top-Grossing Movies — United States, 2010–2016:” [...]
Thu, Jul 06, 2017
Source: American Heart Association
Study Highlights: Heart failure hospitalizations in the United States have declined overall but remain significantly higher among blacks. While still hospitalized more than whites, the disparity narrowed between Hispanics and whites. Men were hospitalized more than women. [...]
Tue, Jun 27, 2017
Source: American Heart Association
Study Highlights: For every additional healthy behavior African Americans followed, there was a reduced risk for high blood pressure. African Americans who followed 6 of the Life's Simple 7 modifiable healthy behaviors had a 90 percent lower risk for high blood pressure than those who followed 0-1 of these behaviors. [...]
Mon, Jun 26, 2017
Source: American Heart Association
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