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Washington, D.C., May 22, 2015 - The American Heart Association is very pleased with today's ruling by the D.C. Circuit Court against the tobacco industry. The court upheld almost all of a lower court ruling that the tobacco industry must issue “corrective statements” about the dangers of tobacco and its [...]
Fri, May 22, 2015
Source: American Heart Association
Study Highlights Large waistline, cholesterol disorders and other metabolic abnormalities may increase the relative risk of cardiovascular disease more among black women than among white women. Black women who were overweight or obese had elevated... [...]
Wed, May 20, 2015
Source: American Heart Association
Tip headlines: Tele-monitoring boosts patient satisfaction among low-income African Americans with heart failure Hispanic women tend to have lower heart disease risk, healthier attitudes than Caucasian counterparts Please note specific... [...]
Wed, Apr 29, 2015
Source: American Heart Association
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